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The Carbohydrates and Metabolism Connection

Interelationship With Carbohydrates, Protein And Fats Metabolism

Metabolic Syndrome came to light only in 1988. This Syndrome is medical disorder linking together diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other related cardio vascular diseases.

These medical disorders have one common underlying cause which is the natural resistance to Insulin.

If these disorders would not be resistant to Insulin, then the effect would be one of disorder prevention or cure as the Insulin will be able to transfer of convey glucose and will be able to have the right amount of glucose level in the body.

What happens, however, because of their natural resistance to Insulin, the conveyance of glucose would be made difficult and would result to higher level of glucose in the body resulting to these disorders.

Glucose is one result of carbohydrate metabolism. The body digests and metabolizes carbohydrates more easily than fats and proteins.

When a person has an excessive intake of carbohydrates, the body may not be able to exhaustively metabolize them all because of its volume.

Added to this, if the person lives a sedentary life not used to physical activity like walking, jogging, swimming and other types of physical exercises,

The glucose produced by the person’s carbohydrate metabolism will not be used by your body and will just be stored in the form of fat.

As a backgrounder in relation to carbohydrates metabolism, the term denoting broken down carbohydrates are monosaccharide. These function as fuel for cellular respiration of our body.

Medical studies have accurately measured that a gram of Carbohydrates can give off approximately 4Kcal of energy. And this energy is stored in another form known as Adenosine Triphosphate.

If the person will continue his excessive intake of carbohydrates for a long period with out proper physical activities like exercises,

The amount of unused carbohydrates etabolism in his body that is stored in the form of fat will result to obesity which is a medical disorder arising from excessive consumption of carbohydrates with very little physical activities.

Thus, it is needed that a person who is fond of eating carbohydrates based foods should have to undertake proper physical exercise in order that carbohydrate metabolism products can be properly utilized by the body.

Fats that have been utilized to store unused carbohydrate metabolized products can even be used through proper and daily exercise for a period of time.

Without proper exercise, the fats build-up will surely lead to obesity and will subject you to other disorders like heart disease and hypertension.

Preventing your body from being considered obese is very important. If you cannot do rigorous exercise, then go for a moderate one at first like walking and jogging. To complement this, discipline your eating habit.

Try as much as possible to limit your intake of carbohydrate based foods. Through this way, you will be increasing your usage of stored fats out of unused carbohydrates metabolized products and at the same time,

You can minimize your carbohydrate metabolism to proper levels. You owe it to yourself to minimize your carbohydrate intake and to properly exercise. It is never good to be an obese person.