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Details About Catabolism and Anabolism

Catabolism and anabolism are two biochemical processes that make up our body’s metabolism.

The functions of these two biochemical processes are distinct and inverse of each other but as a whole conspire to constitute the workings of our body metabolism.

While anabolism is the process by which new molecules are built, catabolism on the other hand, is the process by which molecules from nutrients such as fatty acids and glucose are destroyed to produce the needed energy to build new molecules through anabolism.

These complete cycle of building and destroying Is what metabolism is all about.It is needed, however, that for a normal metabolism of the body to ensue, anabolism and catabolism has to function simultaneously.

To stimulate proper chemical reaction towards attaining metabolism, an amount of energy is a requirement which is properly addressed into by the building and destroying of molecules through the process of anabolism and catabolism.

The phase lapsing of their function will have an effect on the body cells. If anabolism supersedes catabolism which means an added building, it will of course lead to a net cell gain.

But if catabolism supersedes anabolism, which mean an added destruction then It will lead to a net cell loss

The building processes undertaken by anabolism will bring us to the forefront of how body tissues are formed.

These chemical processes upon which our body produces its cells, cells membranes, enzymes and proteins are for the proper body growth and also for the needed maintenance of tissues and cells that are subjected to the daily grinds of everyday living.

Catabolism would mean on the other hand, the energy giving processes by which it breaks down molecules to attain the desired energy giving effects. Unused energy from catabolism is channeled to our muscles and liver.

These are then called as glycogen which fires up the muscle to make the body run, walk and to do other physical activities it may want. Additional unused energy is also stored by the body as fats.

The catabolic and anabolic effects of metabolism in our body are influenced by the food we eat.

If the nutrients in our body are not in consonance with the required amount for the proper functioning of our catabolic and anabolic processes, our body metabolism will bound to suffer.

It is thus proper that if we want good metabolism, we have to observe the proper diet to achieve it. Indeed, it is a good thing that you fully understand the workings of your body metabolism particularly the anabolic and catabolic side of it.

Knowing this aspect will make you realize that proper intake of foods is almost always the under lying cause for either a bad or good metabolism of your body.

You would also have come to know the two things that metabolism gives to your body. This of course is the relationship of tissue building, tissue repair and cell production of your body through the anabolic characteristic of metabolism.

And on the other part, the way the catabolic characteristic of metabolism breaks down molecules to provide you the energy for your body’s physical activities.