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Does Quitting Smoking Slow Down Metabolism

Many would say that quitting smoking will tend to make a person fat or will make a person gain weight. There is, however, no basis for this.

Quitting smoking of course would be good for a person’s health in general, particularly with regards to his respiratory system and the fact that his body will no longer be subjected to the bad effects of nicotine.

But making a person gain weight through this manner is not in any way supported by facts.

A study regarding this matter was undertaken to prove whether quitting smoking will indeed make a person gain weight. The study was conducted on more than 1000 women respondent in England.

The result did not prove anything since there were those who gained weight, while others lost weight and still, others were able to maintain their pre-study weight.

The only thing that was proven here was that quitting smoking will indeed lead to the abolition of smoker’s cough.

Take note, however, that smoking accounts for almost 200 calories that you burn a day. Therefore, if you quit smoking, you will automatically gain for yourself an added 200 calories a day.

Of course, smoking is bad for our health, but it helps us to burn calories. So, how do we resolve this? One way to resolve this is for you to stop smoking and walk briskly for 45 minutes a day or swim for 30 minutes daily.

This brisk walking for 45 minutes and swimming for 30 minutes will burn you approximately 200 calories which would be equivalent to the calories you burn when you smoke.

You can also limit your intake of the following items with the following calorie contents depending on your likes, so long as the sum total will be a total of 200 calories or more.

A liter of beer is equivalent to 22 calories; 20 regular packs potato chips will have an equivalent total of 220 calories.

If you are fond of eating chocolate sandwich cookies, 4 of these cookies will amount to 215 calories and 2 table spoon of butter will be more or less 200 calories. Well, there you have it.

You can have your choice. Either you go for the added amount of exercise or go for limiting your self of those calorie foods will depend on you. If you ask me, I will go for the added exercise.

The 200 calories that will be added to your body when you quit smoking is effectively cancelled through exercise or limiting food intake.

You would now be able to free yourself from the many bad effects that smoking brings, most especially the possibility of lung cancer. and other bad effects to your body .

Aside from this, the healthy benefits of additional exercise can increase your metabolism and over all physical well being.

To be sure, quitting smoking is one of the best things you can give to your body. You will be pleasantly surprised for sure, as to how your body will respond to a smoke free lung.

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