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How To Increase Metabolic Rate - Factors Afecting Metabolic Rate

As the body sleeps, its organs continue to work. And to make the organs work, the body has to produce energy to power these organs.

The energy that is expended to make our organs do its job while we sleep is called the Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. This is the amount of calories burned to produce the needed amount of energy as we sleep.

You have to realize that when we are asleep our digestion continues. And the energy that will make this process happen is the BMR. Also when we sleep we continue to breathe and to even snore.

The energy used for us to breathe and snore while we sleep is also the BMR. All the other functions of our body as we sleep are all powered by the BMR. Even our dreams are powered by the BMR.

Each one of us has our own individual BMR which is different from everybody else, considering that a person’s BMR is influenced by several factors. Age is a great factor in determining our metabolic rate.

Our rate of metabolism decreases as we grow older. The metabolic rate of a 50 year old person would be slower compared to the metabolic rate of a 20 year old.

Another factor that influence a person’s BMR is his weight. A person who is leaner in body structure and lighter in weight will have a higher rate of metabolism as compared to a person who is fat and heavier in weight.

Another factor will be the gender. In most cases, men will have a comparatively higher rate of metabolism compared to women. And The last factor that would affect a person’s metabolic rate will be heredity.

Indeed, aside from the generally accepted factors that affect a person’s metabolic rate of course would be the composition of a person’s body.

Like for example the weight of two identical twins would be the same, their age the same of course, they are both males, and there would be no question that they have the same heredity make up.

If this is the situation you would consider that they should have the same metabolic rate, right? I am sorry, but there is still a very good chance that they won’t have the same metabolic rate.

Why? The reason is that there is a very good possibility that they will not have the same fat and muscle content in their body, although as a whole they might have the same weight.

This just goes to show that because of the complexity of the various factors that influence a metabolic rate, we can say that the individual metabolic rate of a person is uniquely his own

The study that was made in relation to individual metabolic rate showed that most men have a higher metabolic rate than most women.

This of course, is brought about by the fact that men has more muscle content than women and that in general, most women have more fat content than men.

It has also been noted in the study that the average percentage of difference is 3 % and that aside from fat and muscle factors, there were also other minor factors that were considered that contributed to the difference.

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