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Alcohol Metabolism Effects - How Does Alcohol Affects Metabolism ?

Many people are surely aware of the many bad effects of alcohol to the body. But it seems there are still some who seem not to know anything about it.

But to these people one can be sure if they really do not know or they just refuse to know, considering their love for the substance one they are addicted to it. Alcohol is like cigarettes.

Of course, smokers know the bad effects smoking does to their health, but they simply refuse to acknowledge it. And just like the alcoholics, they do not seem to mind the bad effects of alcohol to the body until it’s too late in the day.

Alcohol is simply bad for the body. It is bad for your liver, lungs, kidneys, heart, brain, memory and to your body metabolism.

When you refer to the collective biochemical complex reactions of any living thing, it is termed as metabolism.

Our energy is the result of our foods intake being broken down to bits and pieces through our body digestive system and being subjected to a rather complex biochemical process to produce sugar in the form of glucose that fuels the energy of our body.

This process by which our body produces energy is called metabolism. Our body has different metabolism, depending on the nutrients. We have carbohydrates metabolism, fats metabolism, and protein metabolism.

Drinking alcohol will give a negative effect on the metabolism of the body particularly to the aspect of fats metabolism.

The amount of energy that fats can give to your body through the process of metabolism is limited by the effects of alcohol that you take in your body.

The ability of your body to bring on lipid oxidation or the burning of fats will be greatly hindered by even just a small amount of alcohol. This was the findings of researchers and as published in the American Journal of Clinical Research.

Further research on this matter revealed that when alcohol passes through the liver, acetate is formed. And the body, instead of burning fats for energy will burn the acetate instead of fats.

The other bad effect of alcohol in the body is that it prevents the proper processing of vitamins and minerals which are needed in the natural function of metabolism.

This is because of the process by which the liver converts alcohol to acetate. During this stage, minerals and vitamins that are supposed to be processed by the liver will be over shadowed by the system of detoxification and would be wasted through this process.

When you urinate after several bottles of intoxicating alcoholic drinks, magnesium and calcium will be excreted from your body through your urine because of alcohol.

These two nutrients are needed by your body to function properly. Added to this will be the fact that alcohol will aggressively compete with other food nutrients to get absorbed into the bloodstream, thus preventing these nutrients from being metabolized.

Indeed, drinking alcohol is very bad for the body. So please, do not drink alcoholic drinks – your metabolism will be much better off without alcohol.

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