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Speed Metabolism Tip - How Does Cholesterol And Lack Of Exercise Relates To Metabolic Rate ?

The food that we eat gives energy to the body. The process by which the body converts the food it eats to energy to make it move, run, sing, jump, swim is through the metabolic process of converting the nutrients of the food to energy.

Without the needed energy, our body simply cannot function. Even when we are at rest, our body continues to function and the amount of energy or calories to be burned for this requirement is termed as the Basal Metabolic rate.

In other words, Basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories burned by our bodies at rest.

It is the amount of calories burned to produce the required energy to maintain our heart beat, our blood circulation, our digestion, our breathing, our Snoring (that is if you snore at sleep) and every thing else during the time when we are sleeping.

There is another important function that metabolism does aside from converting foods to energy – it is responsible for breaking up harmful substances such as drugs, alcohol and other chemicals that might be in our food intakes.

The rate of our body’s metabolism actually, as per study made by experts on metabolism, is controlled in some ways by several hormones coming out from our endocrine system.

Our thyroid glands has the capacity to dictate if how fast or how slow will be the metabolic rate of our body through its ability to release a hormone known as Thyroxine which has the natural function to either increase the metabolic rate of the body or slow it down.

And likewise, it has been verified that many disorders of the body are somehow directly or indirectly related with the body metabolism.

Further, advanced studies has discovered that these disorders which has now come to be popularly known as Metabolism Syndrome, have one common cause - Insulin resistance disorder.

Many factors such as lack of physical exercise, genetics, unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking excessive amount of alcoholic drinks, lack of rest or sleep due to excessive night life and unrestrained sexual appetite might lead to Metabolism Syndrome.

Once you have this kind of disorder, and you will not be careful, the possibilities of hearth disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and other diseases might afflict you at any time.

Obesity and diabetes are now one of the more pressing health problems of many people. Aside from children, obesity among the older generation is fast becoming a problem for many people.

That is why the moment your weight is on the rise, do not waste time before you decide to do something about it. Act on it immediately and effectively, through plenty of exercise and cholesterol free diet.

If you take a look a little more closely as to what may be the cause of metabolic syndrome, you would come to know that cholesterol and metabolic rate are quite closely interlinked with each other.

A person who do not exercise nor play sweat soaking games like basketball, lawn tennis or any activity that can make him burn calories and is just given to sitting, sleeping and eating cholesterol rich foods would then be a good candidate for Metabolic Syndrome.

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