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Healthy Way To Lose Weight - How Does your Weight Relate To Your Metabolic Rate ?

If you are into weight loss, then surely, you will have to concern yourself with your calorie intake and how to burn faster your huge calorie reserves or your fats.

And one of the things that will concern you also will be your metabolic rate because metabolic rate measures how efficient your body burns calories for each day, and having a higher rate of metabolism will speed up your weight loss.

In studies related to metabolism, it was established that weight affects metabolic rate;

That a light weight person has a faster metabolic rate than a heavy weight person which simply show that a person with a slim body has a healthier or faster metabolic rate than a person who is heavy with fats.

And talking about muscles, you have to take note that muscles burn faster than fats. In this respect, being slim and having muscles is always preferable to being heavy with fats, metabolism wise.

Our metabolism rate is an ongoing thing even if we are sleeping. It is the rate at which we burn calories to have energy to support our organs vital function – our digestion, our breathing, our blood circulation, even our snoring.

Every one of us has our own individual metabolic rate. This rate will vary according to our weight, age, gender and structure composition.

In a study relating to metabolic rate, it was established that women generally has a lower metabolic rate than men. This is due to mainly to the fact that women tend to have more fats than men.

Metabolic rate can also be hereditary as indicated in the study. It has now been generally accepted that as a rule, the more leaner a person is, the higher will be his metabolic rate.

And conversely, the fatter a person is, the lower will be his metabolic rate. Actually, a person can be on the heavy side and still have a high metabolic rate for so long as his weight is accounted for more by muscle instead of fats.

These facts would clearly indicate how weight affects the metabolic rate of a person so that if you are on the leaner side you can be sure of a higher rate of metabolism and if you are on the fatter side a slower metabolic rate.

For weight watchers, exercises that tend to make you sweat profusely will be a good thing. These kinds of physical activities will tend to make your metabolic rate higher.

Another good thing will be to play games or sports that involve a lot of physical movements like lawn tennis, table tennis, basketball, swimming or you can involve your self in aerobics or even in sport dancing.

Surely, having a continued and good dose of these perspiration filled activities will make you physically active and can make your metabolic rate go upwards towards your goal of losing weight.

If you are thinking of other things that would make you loss weight in a short time like those rapid weight loss programs, forget about them.

Those things are outright dangerous to your body. What you should do is indulge yourself in plenty of exercise and sports and eat healthy and low calories foods like fish, vegetables and fruits.

For sure, this will result to having your metabolic rate increase and would surely make you lose weight.

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