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Metabolic Rate And Cardiovascular Disease

The relationship of metabolic rate to cardiovascular disease is related to the metabolism disorder known as the metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a symptom that is associated with several disorder that is somehow related to metabolism. Having these disorders will open you to the possibility of heart disease.

Metabolic syndrome would include disorders like obesity, diabetes and hypertension. This disorder would also result to a very low level of HDL, which is considered as a good cholesterol.

These conditions, if left untreated, will likely lead to cardiovascular disease. Actually, metabolic syndrome is due to a kind of lifestyle that is barren of exercise and other physical activities.

Consumption of cholesterol full foods, drinking of alcoholic drinks and even cigarettes chain smoking. Added to this would be staying out late at night and other unhealthy habits.

The usual or natural way of treating metabolic syndrome would be easy if you have the needed discipline to do it. All you have to do is follow a good or clean way of living.

First and foremost, avoid drinking of alcoholic drinks. Stop cigarettes smoking which is a very unhealthy habit that would tend to give you other kinds of diseases.

After you have licked these two, you can now proceed to concentrate on improving your health. Start your new lifestyle with early mornings jogging or walk.

Start on a short walk or jogging during your first try, and gradually lengthen it as you go along. Join physical activities like aerobics and other form of health dancing like ballroom dancing or if you can, sport dancing.

For men, try to play games like basketball, lawn tennis, or even table tennis. Always remember that exercises to have an effect on your body should be done regularly. Thus, as much as possible, always do your exercises regularly.

Next to physical activities, train your focus on the way you eat. You have to observe a balanced diet and follow a recommendation from a research about improving your metabolic rate.

This suggestion deals on the schedule of your eating. It is recommended that first; you should eat your breakfast daily.

The reason for this is that your dinner the night before has already been fully digested and since there is no more food to be digested, your digestive system would be at rest, making your metabolic rate slow down as there is no more energy to produce for digestion.

Now, by eating your breakfast, you will again make your metabolism work to produce energy for digestion.

The study would further suggest that instead of eating three full meals a day, adjust your eating habits by making it six half-full meals a day.

By doing this, you will be spreading out the time whereby your digestion would work six times a day instead of only three times a day.

The result will be a continued digestive processing of foods and also a continues production and usage of energy through metabolism.

This schedule of meals should be followed until such time when you have already reached your desired weight.

Surely, these processes, if followed very well will make your metabolic rate higher and would result to cure Metabolic Syndrome and avoid any cardiovascular diseases.