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Metabolic Rate And Weight Loss Relationship

There are just so many weight loss products in the market today that if you are in the market for one, you will be hard put to remember them all, much less their individual function to make you lose weight.

In this respect, I would advise you to stop your hopeless search for the right product. If you are serious about weight loss,

All you have to do is increase your metabolic rate because by doing so, you will be burning more calories which will lead to lessen your body fats toward a leaner body.

Of course your basal metabolic rate is not in anyway connected in your pursuit of weight loss as you cannot change it.

What you need to change here is your attitude in terms of physical fitness and the need to change your eating habit if you wanted to lose weight.

Plenty of exercise and eating the right foods will enhance your metabolic rate and will surely help in your quest for a leaner body.

Your eating habits are a factor that can increase your metabolic rate. In a research by medical specialist, they were able to devise a way of eating schedule that can surely improve your metabolic rate.

The very first thing you have to do is eat your breakfast. Studies showed that eating your daily breakfast would tend to increase your metabolic rate during the day.

Instead of eating three full meals a day, change it into six times a day with just half of your full meals. This way you can still have your required meals a day, only it was divided into six times a day instead of three.

The reasoning for this as based on the researchers study is taking your meals six times in a day will make our body metabolism to work faster because of the processing of food in greater number of times in a day, which definitely will improve our rate of metabolism.

Now, if you can follow the six meals a day and do not forget to eat breakfast, your metabolic rate will increase and this will lead to additional increase in burning of your fats for weight loss.

Additionally, choose your food that you will eat. Limit your carbohydrates and also those fatty foods. Stop eating chocolates and other sweet foods.

It was also indicated in a study that eating green and leafy vegetables, lots of fish and fruits will hasten your metabolism as these foods are easy to digest and its nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body.

Lest you might forget, you have to limit you calorie intake, so I would suggest you take the time to surf the net and get hold of a copy of foods table with calorie approximation.

This way you will know what foods to eat that contain the least amount of calories. And finally, compliment your right eating habits and diet with the right and proper kind of exercise.

Choose that kind of exercise that will make you sweat profusely, because at least you know you are burning many calories by the sweat you make.

Aside from these exercises, you can also join group sports to make you spend more energy like sport dancing, ballroom dancing and aerobics.