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Overview Of Metabolism

Actually, metabolism is the body mechanism that is responsible for converting the nutrients of digested foods coming from our digestive system to become energy to fuel our body.

It is a biochemical process that is mainly composed of two alternating and opposed process known as anabolism and catabolism whose task is to build molecules for cells and tissues and also to destroy food nutrients molecules known as calories to produce energy for the body.

Even as the body sleeps, metabolism provides the body with energy to fuel its continuing operation like digestion, blood circulation, hearth pumping action, breathing and snoring, and even the brains while it is dreaming of far away places and beautiful women.

Researchers of metabolism have labeled the amount of energy expended by the body during the stage where it is sleeping as the Basal Metabolic rate.

Since metabolism is a process by which it burns calories to provide the body with energy, making your metabolism burns calories at a faster rate will surely make you loss weight faster.

That is, if you also control your intake of calories. Actually, if you think about it, to effectively loss weight, you have to limit your calories intake and increase the amount of calories you burn.

And if you are thinking about how you can increase your metabolism, there was a study made in relation to that matter.

In the study, they pointed out that you can increase your body metabolism by eating you breakfast each day.

Their observation have indicated that during the time that the body sleeps at night, metabolism will begin to slow down especially so when the food that was eaten for dinner was already fully digested.

This slowing down of body metabolism will continue until you have breakfast when your digestion begun to start and your metabolism again will start to process the nutrients and burn calories.

In relation to this study, they have suggested that you can increase further your rate of metabolism by changing your habit of eating. They suggested that instead of taking three full meals a day, you change that to six half-full meals a day.

This schedule of eating they said will enable your metabolism to increase since it will have to burn more calories for the energy required to process six digestion processes instead of just three.

Exercise on the other hand, will greatly help your body metabolism. According to a research conducted by a group of medical scientist, physical exercise and metabolism has a close relationship.

A regular daily exercise can boost the level of your metabolism, but an endurance exercise can even boost it further. When it comes to exercise, try to do exercises that can make you sweat profusely.

If you wish, you can also join group exercises like aerobics and dance sport. Doing an early morning walk or jogging would be good. For men, playing basketball, lawn tennis or table tennis, soccer and swimming would be very good for metabolism.

When it comes to food, control your calorie intake. You can browse the net and look for sites that offer free food tables where you can find different kinds of foods with corresponding calorie content approximation.

If you still do not have the table for calories, play it safe by eating fish and leafy green vegetables. Also, eat a lot of fruits like bananas, and apples.

It would be thus worth noting that you can have a good body metabolism through good diet with scheduled time of eating and proper exercise.

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