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Metabolism Disorders - What Are The Types Of Metabolic Disorders ?

The most common causes of metabolic disorders, as indicated by a scientific survey related to this matter are genetic malfunctioning that would preclude the normal production of energy through metabolism.

There are times, however, that metabolic disorders can also be caused by toxic compounds or simply due to improper diet or Nutritional deficiencies.

Our organs are susceptible to different kinds of diseases and once they got infected the body metabolism will also be affected. If this happens, then we can say that the metabolic disorder is caused by a genetic disorder.

Usually, defective enzymes that are in the metabolic pathways of the differing nutrients being recycled from our food intakes like carbohydrates, protein, fats and amino acids are the ones responsible for triggering these diseases.

Hereunder are some kinds of metabolic disorders;

Amino acid metabolism disorders

- Phenylketonuria is triggered by en enzyme that is considered as defective and in most cases; this would cause severe mental retardation. The enzyme is phenylalanine. Dietary adjustments would be needed to alleviate the situation.

- Tyrosinemia Type I and II disorders would indicate liver failure and nerve damage. This would likewise include irritation of the corneas of the eyes.

Liver transplant and dietary adjustment would be the most appropriate solution here. Diet should be strictly low in phenylalanine and tyrosine content.

- Alkaptunoria disorder is mainly due to tyrosine breakdown. You can identify this disorder through the symptoms of having dark colored urine, arthritis and would usually include other types of bone disease and hypercoagulability of the blood.

- Hyperhomocysteinemia is usually due to the many insufficient formation of the needed methylcobalamin form of vitamin B12 metabolism.

The indications here would include elongation of the eye lens, thinning of the various bone structures, and also, in substantial cases, mental retardation or psychiatric imbalance.

Treatment for this kind of disorder is through a dietary adjustment that would have to include vitamin B12, betaine and folic acid.

Organic acid metabolic disorders

- Propionicacademia is usually due to a deficient propionyl-CoA-Carboxylase. Indications manifesting for this disorder will be severe malfunctioning of metabolism that might even cause death.

Treatment would include diets that have to be strictly monitored as amino acids should only be in very limited amounts. You have to be careful with the amount as amino acids acts as precursor to propionyl-CoA

- Carboxylase multiple deficiency would appear to have no indicative symptoms and what is usually applied to rectify this disorder is biotin.

An immediate application of biotin the moment this disorder would be discovered is suggested.

- Methylmalonic Acidemia is a vitamin B12 metabolism disorder most often triggered by a malfunctioning enzyme system The only cure here would be to have the patient take a lot of B12 dosage to have the disorder corrected.

Fatty acid metabolic disorder

- Hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia is mainly due to the abnormal usage of Lipoproteins. Cardiovascular disease will normally be the usual symptoms.

The use of drugs would be very much needed here to prevent fatty acid synthesis.Modified diet is also recommended in this disorder.

- Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorder is mainly due to the many effects of hydroxvacyl-CoA dehydrogenase enzyme - Glycogen Storage disorder is the natural result of the breaking up of the body’s glycogen.

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