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What Is Metabolism ?

I would say that metabolism is a biochemical process that involves the burning of fats to give energy to the body. All the body functions even while it is asleep are provided the needed energy through the process of metabolism.

The energy used by the body through the process of metabolism comes from food we eat. Metabolism actually is composed of two opposing biochemical processes. The anabolic and the catabolic.

These two processes works together in tandem and the other one cannot function without the other. While the anabolic produces cells and tissues from nutrients, catabolic destroys or burn fat nutrients to make energy for the body needs.

Metabolism burns fat to produce energy. In this respect, if you have a fast rate of metabolism, then it follows that you will also have a fast burning of fats.

In a study relating to metabolism, it was revealed that the rate of metabolism can be improved through changing of eating schedules, eating of proper foods and proper exercise.

It was also noted that the rate of metabolism is influenced by several factors. Factors that can affect the rate of metabolism are age, weight, gender, genetics and other minor ones.

The age factor would make the rate of metabolism lower As you age. A person who is 60 years old will have a lesser rate of metabolism as compared to a 20 year old.

In relation to weight, a person who weights more will have a lesser metabolic rate, while a person who weight less, will have a higher metabolic rate.

Basing again in another study, it was discovered that males has a higher rate of metabolism compared to women.

The reason for this, as they pointed out, was that males have a higher mass of muscles compared to women, while women have a higher mass of fats compared to men.

Another factor that would affect the metabolic rate would be genetics or heredity. If you are into weight loss, you can further increase your metabolic rate through eating of your breakfast daily and adjusting your eating time.

When normally you take three full meals a day, you can adjust it to make it six half-meals a day. The reasoning for this is your metabolism will be made to continue working more during the day as compared when you eat three full meals in a day.

It was stated in their study that so long as your digestive system is processing foods, your metabolism continues burning energy to support the energy requirement of digestion.

Thus, it would help you burn more calories if you spread out into six times your meals in a day instead of only three times.

Your metabolism can be improved through physical activities and exercise. You can do this by early morning walks, jogging, or joining group dances like sports dance, ballroom dances or aerobics classes. Whenever you have the chance, move your body.

Use the stairs instead of elevators. For men, go for sweat sports like basketball, soccer, lawn tennis or table tennis. Again, metabolism gives energy to the body by burning fats.

And once you can increase your metabolism, you can be assured of a higher amount of fats burned through the process of metabolism. Complementary to your exercise, and eating schedule, you also have to take note of your calorie intake.

It is noteworthy to understand that you should maintain a calorie intake for a minimum of 1200 calories a day. You can make this amount of calorie as your basis for your daily calorie requirement.

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