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Increase Your Metabolism FAQ - Why Does Your Metabolic Rate Slow Down As You Age ?

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It is needed that we should have a full understanding first if what does metabolic rate means before we take on the task of knowing the reasons behind why do it slows down with age.

In simple terms, metabolic rate is the amount of energy measured in a calorie that makes our body function. It is interesting to note that even while the body sleeps, our metabolism continues to function to provide our body energy.

The usual belief that the loss of muscles is related to the slowing down of metabolic rate because of age, is now being reevaluated.

As the latest study shows that the loss of muscle mass as a person age, is not only the reason behind the slowing down of metabolic rate.

Latest study shows that irrespective of the loss of any muscle mass, metabolic rate can slow down due to age. One reason for this is in terms of exercise.

A person, who constantly exercise during his younger days and has a high rate of metabolism, when he gets older, might already be exercising a lot less than his younger days. This situation will of course result to a slow down of his metabolism.

Another reason for lowering of metabolism during old age would be a person’s calorie intake and the foods he takes in relation to the workings of his digestion.

It should be known that a person desire for foods also lessens with age. Thus, in consideration that the metabolic rate of a person is directly proportional to the calories that he takes in to his body and also to the workings of his digestive system,

An old age person, although physically active, will have a much lesser food intake that would make his digestive organs work in a much shorter time.

In this case, his metabolic rate will be considerably lowered as the energy to be expended to support his food digestion would also be for a shorter period of time

These findings would tend to support a line of thinking that age will not be a great factor in slowing down your metabolic rate so long as you do the right ways to have a good metabolism.

In this respect, a group of persons in their late forties and who were already experiencing a lowered metabolic rate were made to undertake to help in a study about metabolism.

Before the start of the study, approximations of their individual metabolic rate were recorded. The study involved the strict implementations of the six half-full meal per day,

The daily eating of breakfast, the strict recording of calorie intakes plus the daily exercise that were scheduled to them individually.

When the results were reviewed later on, the results pleasantly surprised most of the team that were under taking the study.

Every body in the group that was the subject of the study recorded increases in their metabolic rate. In this respect, we can indeed say that being past the middle age,

We can still avail ourselves good metabolism even as we age, so long as we follow the needed steps towards having good metabolism even as we age.